The Tallest Trees in the World? 6/20/17


This Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii* subsp. glauca) is one of numerous extraordinary bonsai at Ryan Neil's Bonsai Mirai (near Portland, Oregon). It was originally collected in the Rocky mountains by Randy Knight. It's age is given as 100-250 years. Height is 36" (91cm), width 52" (132cm).

Yesterday’s post got me thinking about Firs and it wasn’t a long trip from firs (Abies varieties) to Douglas firs (Pseudotsuga menziesii). So even though Douglas firs are not true firs, still, these photo are just too good to pass up

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Doug Paul's Doug fir (Douglas Paul's Douglas fir) was one of my favorites at the Artisans Cup. Doug is the man behind the Kennett Collection. Photo taken with my iPhone.



This Douglas fir belongs to Ryan Neil. Here's his caption... "The Douglas Fir is hypothesized to have been the tallest tree in the world, even taller than the Redwood. But no one knows for sure because the old growth Douglas Firs were all cut down before anyone had the tools to accurately measure. This stunted Doug Fir likely lived back when those Giants stood tall." 

Here's a link to an article that backs up this 'taller than redwoods' claim. It's difficult to know the veracity of such claims, but the controversy is juicy (and just a little sad) for tree lovers.



Close up of the tree just above



This Big cone Douglas fir by Dan Robinson  jumped out at me because it seems so absolutely raw. Apologies for the fuzzy photo. I picked it up off of Dan’s website and blew it up to fit our format. It doesn’t appear in Gnarly Branches, Ancient Trees (Dan's mind bending bonsai book), though many other examples of Dan’s very raw bonsai do.



Close up of the tree at the top of the post

*Pseudotsuga means false Hemlock. Menziesii is a reference to a person (or more than one person) named Menzies



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