The Whole Bonsai Setup – Trees, Tools & Wire 6/27/17


I like this photo. In addition to the rather spectacular tree, there's the whole setup, with tools and wire that tells us something about the place where this tree was styled and the means by which it was styled. Here's the caption with this tree... "What 6 years of work, a beautiful environment and a great photographer Jill Moors can do ..."

I always get a little jolt when I discover a new (for me) bonsai artist. In this case the artist is Yannick Kiggen. Yannick calls his bonsai endeavor YAMA Bonsai Studio. We’ll just scratch the surface here and encourage you to pay Yannick and his Yama Bonsai Studio a visit if you get a chance.

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Yannick's caption for this imposing yamadori Itoigawa juniper... "I observed the tree for a year, and than the first shaping came in 2015." Here's another caption I found with a different photo of the same tree... "Juniperus Itoigawa, pot: 200 y old Nakawatari, Table: Pascal Houdusse, Noelanders trophy 2017"


YK5Bjorn had a hand in this one. Yannick's caption..."In 2016 I have torn the trunk to create a better movement and make the trunk more compact. The callus was growing very well on the part were it was torned last year, the buds are very vigorous so in 2017- As I like to have a variety of trees in my garden I also like to have a variety of trees styled by other people than me. So Bjorn Bjorholm came to my garden to work on this big pine...."



No caption with this elegant pine...


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