Adding Drama to an Already Dramatic Bonsai 9/2/17


Is this spectacular Juniper in its equally spectacular pot, listing just a tad to the left? Or is it just me? No matter, to my eye at least, the tension set up by this feeling adds a little more drama to an already very dramatic tree

Here’s a post from our archives (Novemeber, 2012). It was titled Getting It Right This Time (you can visit the original if you’d like to know what we were getting right). I picked it mostly because I thought you might appreciate the rather spectacular tree above, though the others aren’t half bad either

The photos you see here were taken at the Museo Bonsai de Alcobendas in Madrid, Spain (I borrowed them from the Bonsai Center Sopelana in Spain’s Basque Country). Here’s what Nuno Encarnação wrote about them…
“These are all from the bonsai exhibit in Museo Bonsai de Alcobendas in Madrid. This exhibit is the most important bonsai exposition in Spain and one of the three main exhibits in Europe along with Noelanders trophy in Belgium and UBI in Italy.”
Continued below…

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Great nebari, great trunk, good branching and phenomenal color. It's a Japanese maple. I won't bother to guess the variety

Continuing with Nuno Encarnação’s quote from above…
The Museum has also an amazing permanent exposition with some impressive Mediterranean species and imported Japanese trees, some of which were previously worked on by such masters as Kobayashi and Kimura. The beech shown in this post is from the permanent exhibit.”

Unfortunately, you can't see the trunks and much of the rock in this photo, but you can see the lovely Hinoki foliage and the tree's well balanced, dynamic flow


This must be the beech referred to above. You might notice how small the leaves are. It must have been defoliated at least once


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