More Magnificent Mugo Pines 11/14/17


This superb Mugo pine has a distinctly natural feel. Almost as if someone found it just as is, growing somewhere high in the European Alps. Still, whenever you see a bonsai, a human hand is intimately involved. Even when the tree appears perfectly natural (in some cases, especially when the tree appears perfectly natural). In the case of both trees shown here, the human hand belongs to Georg Reinhard. We borrowed the photos from a post we did in November, 2010. It was titled Mugos by Mother Nature & Georg Reinhard   

Continuing with our Mugo pine theme from yesterday… I don’t think you’ll often see Mugo pines quite like these here in the States. Mugo pines are native to the mountains of Southern Europe and it’s obvious that both are yamadori (collected from the wild). But to my eye at least, one has maintained the natural feel more than the other. Still, natural looking or not, there was a skilled bonsai artist involved with both trees. In this case, the skilled  artist is Georg Reinhard. If you’d like, you can visit bonsai-kunst for more bonsai by Georg.


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The sculpted look. This Mugo pine by Georg Reinhard combines wildness and elegance with its flowing lines and almost perfectly shaped robust live growth. I particularly like the way the deadwood twists and turns all the way back down to soil and the jagged lightening bolt on the left. Though I know that some people take issue with highly sculpted deadwood, this is so well done that I can't imagine not appreciating the skill and artistry involved

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