One of a Kind Bonsai 11/22/17


This remarkable, one-of-a-kind tree belongs to Colin Lewis. Here's his caption:. "Colorado blue spruce, acquired 2008 from Harold Sasaki. Styled 2011-2012. Pot custom made by my old friend Dan Barton, 2013. I'm letting it grow this year to refresh some old congested areas..."

I’m on the other coast this week visiting family for Thanksgiving. It also happens to be my birthday today. Something I wouldn’t normally mention, but it’s been three quarters of a century and I’m just a little amazed and perplexed by the whole process and not altogether sure how I got this far. Anyway, I’m taking a shortcut today. This post originally appeared in April of 2015. It was a little wordy so I deleted a couple paragraphs. Here’s your link to the original if you’d like.

Colin Lewis is one of those people who are interested in exploring and pushing bonsai boundaries. Below are a couple more of Colin’s trees that you might enjoy.

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Colin's caption: "Oh what a tangled web we weave.... Crazy Ponderosa pine from Andy Smith 2005." We've shown this one before, but it's always worth another look. Colin posted it on facebook with the tree above and you can find it on his website as well.


colin31This Tamarack forest is from Colin's website. I have a soft spot for Tamarack (Larch - Larix laricina). It's one of several sub-arctic trees that reaches down into northern Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine (a little further south at higher elevations) and runs northwest through Canada's great Boreal forest and all the way into Yukon Territory with  non-continuous growth in Alaska (if you've been following the debate on the Keystone XL pipeline, you might have heard something about the Boreal forest).


Ho-YokuColin Lewis' excellent Ho Yoku Bonsai Care Products are all available at Stone Lantern. So is his book, Bonsai Survival Manaul.

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