Six Sweet Little Trees 1/26/18

kk4Here's a rather famous dwarf Princess persimmon that we've shown several times over the years and is still worth another look. Aside from the luminous fruit, distinctive little pot and the twisted trunk, it's also hard not to notice the spots on the leaves. No matter, it's still a sweet littl tree.

If you’ve ever tried to grow fruiting bonsai, you know that getting healthy fruit to grow and to stay on your trees is no mean feat (birds, wind, insects and other problems will conspire against you). Like yesterday the images in this post are all from Katsumi Komiya’s facebook photos.


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Another sweet little tree with luminous fruit and hand-painted pot. I think we can say with confidence that it's a crabapple.


Another little gem in a great pot. Looks like a quince. The size of the fruit brings up an interesting point; you can dwarf leaves by defoliating, allowing the roots to become pot bound, etc, but you cannot dwarf fruit on an individual tree (you can dwarf fruit genetically, but that's another story). Thus the large fruit on a such a small tree.


Another quince? At a glance I thought those little red things were fruit, but on closer examination, they look a lot like quince flowers.
BERRIESMAIN2I recognize this type tree, but just can't remember the name.  Katsumi's caption says simply "Mayumi," which is a common Japanese girl's name that translates as truth or beauty.
Another crabapple in yet another great pot. The tiny tree makes the two little apples seem huge.


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