Directional Deadwood 2/5/18

nicolaA bit of a jumble up top, but still a very compelling tree. It belongs to Nicola Kitora Crivelli. Looks like a Shimpaku juniper.

Taking a little vacation, so we’ll dip into our archives. The photos shown here are from a July 2015  post. I’ve rewritten the text due to changes in perspective that happen over time.


jin1Going down? This one is a Southwestern white pine (Pinus strobiformis). It belong to Greg Brenden. The photo is from the 2010 2nd U.S. National Exhibition Album (out of print but we still have the 4th and 5th).


4th & 5th U.S. National Bonsai Exhibition Albums

jin2Going up? This one is an Eastern red cedar that's really a Juniper (Juniperus virginiana). It belongs to Juan Calderon. The photo is from the 2008 1st U.S. National Exhibition Album (out of print).


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