Dramatic Multi-Trunk Bonsai – Koyo Japanese Tools 2/8/18

juniper-bonsai-rock-omiyaThree robust Shimpaku junipers on a stupendous rock. From the Omiya Bonsai Museum via Bonsai Empire.

Continuing our Omiya Bonsai Art Museum theme (with the rock planting above; the rest of the photos are from various other places). I’m in the middle of a two week vacation, so it’s back to our archives. This post (with a few minor changes today) originally appeared here in August 2015



That's Ryan Neil's hand posing for a professional photo with a one of the largest single rock, root-on-rock plantings you'll ever see. Here's his caption: "In the studio today with @hornbecker shooting for the Artisans Cup promotional material." He doesn't say what the tree's are. If you'd like to see the uncropped original with more Ryan, it's here.


Great planting, great rock, great pot.Bonsai Empire's caption says "Buxifolio Bonsai forest, planted on a rock, by Luisa Alfaro." The Buxifolio part is a bit of a mystery. Buxifolia (with an a) is a species name, but without the genus, it could be any number of things. The leaves look tiny, so we'll try Neea buxifolia.


Juniper penjing

Juniper penjing

I borrowed this photo from a Bonsai Tonight post on Penjing. As usual, I'm impressed with the choice of material and the quality of photos on Bonsai Tonight and this one is no exception. For more detail, there are several very good closeups just a click away.


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