Mame Master Haruyosi’s Sturdy Little Black Pines

The fingers belong to Haruyosi. As does this sturdy little Kuromatsu (Japanese black pine). And though I don’t know this for a fact, my best guess is that Haruyosi made the pot. Here’s Mame Master Haruyosi’s caption that appears with the first three photos shown here (from July 4th)…  “I worked on decandling of small Kuromatsu today. Now a typhoon is approaching here” (it hit Japan this week and caused severe flooding in the south) All four photos shown here are all from Haruyosi’s timeline. If you get a chance, it’s a click worth making. You might also want to … Continue reading Mame Master Haruyosi’s Sturdy Little Black Pines

Little Beans & Other Small Bonsai

I think this one qualifies as Mame (‘bean’ in Japanese), a common word for the smallest bonsai. Both the tree (Pyracatha) and pot are by Haruyosi. I’ve been thinking about starting another series of posts on Mame Master Haruyosi’s tiny bonsai. However,  there are too many obligations today and no time today to put together a new post. The solution? Another journey back in time. This one was originally posted in November, 2013. Deeply Discounted Bonsai Wire   1 Kilo (2.2 lb) Bonsai Wire now only 16.00 per roll You can never have too much wire and just in case … Continue reading Little Beans & Other Small Bonsai

Bonsai Artistry in Red & Yellow

There are few things more delicate and beautiful than fresh spring Maple leaves. This exquisite tree and pot are perfect expressions of the artistry of Haruyoshi. Heavy spring snowstorm this weekend. Need to get dressed and get shoveling, so we’ll take the easy way out. This one is from September, 2015. Shoin bonsai & ceramic artist Haruyosi does a couple things that set him apart. First, he regularly posts masterpiece shohin and mame bonsai and pots, and second, he posts a lot of photos that reveal the creative process. For both trees and pots. More exquisite bonsai by Haruyosi below… … Continue reading Bonsai Artistry in Red & Yellow

Five Shohin Bonsai Plus One

A sweet little Firethorn (Pyracantha) in full flower. Yesterday we showed one with a few berries and if you scroll down you’ll see one with a lot more than a few. Thought we’d continue yesterday’s Shohin theme with a few more photos. I’ll spare you too much commentary. The photo above is from Bonsai Mike. Continued below… NEW SALE 25% off All Bonsai Books Choose from 50 different titles additional 10% off orders 100.00+ FREE Shipping on U.S. orders 50.00+ be sure to select Free Shipping when you check out   It’s not everyday you see a shohin Buttonwood (Conocarpus … Continue reading Five Shohin Bonsai Plus One

Itty-Bitty Bonsai

This tiny Shimpaku juniper belongs to Yoshiyuki Kawada. We’ve long loved (and featured) Haruyosi’s tiny trees and pots. Yesterday I stumbled upon another Japanese mame* bonsai artist who also makes their own pots. His name is Yoshiyuki Kawada, and though I’m just becoming familiar with his trees and pots, so far I’m impressed. *Mame means bean and is sometimes used for tiny bonsai Continued below… Our Site Wide Sale is still rolling along 20% off orders 1.00 to 99.99* 25% off orders 100.00+* FREE Shipping on U.S. orders 50.00+   This tiny Shimpaku has a very powerful feel for such … Continue reading Itty-Bitty Bonsai

Tiny Bonsai Master?

Bright yellow flowers and a light yellow pot makes for a soft contrast. Haruyosi doesn’t identify this little gem, but the flowers look a lot like Potentilla. Though the yellow Potentilla I have in my yard has much smaller leaves relative to the flowers. We’ll continue with tiny bonsai today, though not all are by Shohin master Haruyosi, who we’ve been featuring lately (I originally wrote tiny bonsai master Haruyosi, but that doesn’t work so well). Yesterday we featured freshly trimmed Shimpaku juniper by Haruyosi, now it’s a freshly trimmed Ezo spruce (aka Yezo spruce), also by Haruyosi. I love … Continue reading Tiny Bonsai Master?

Freshly Trimmed Tiny Trees

At a glance, this is a sweet little freshly trimmed Shimpaku bonsai. But if you let your glance linger, you might see just how much age and character this tiny tree expresses. There’s that relatively massive little trunk and its rugged twists and scars. There’s also the impressive branch development for such a small tree. Altogether a masterful little bonsai. The photo and tree belong to Haruyosi, as do the other photos shown here. We’ve been featuring small bonsai lately and yesterday it was a few of Haruyosi’s particularly charming small bonsai. So, for the sake of continuity we’ll just … Continue reading Freshly Trimmed Tiny Trees

Tiny Trees, Brilliant Flowers & Wild Horses

This sweet little quince with its brilliant flowers belongs to Haruyosi. It’s a safe bet that he also made the pot. It has been several years since I first stumbled upon Haruyosi. Every since that fortunate day, we periodically return to him and his delightful tiny trees and pots. In this case, it’s a rerun (we last showed these photos a little over a year ago), but it’s a good one, so I don’t think you’ll mind. I happen to believe that quince flowers are as brilliant and pure as any flowers anywhere. So we’ll stick with quince this time … Continue reading Tiny Trees, Brilliant Flowers & Wild Horses

Brilliant Bonsai Berries

Pyracanthas (aka Firethorns) are prolific when it comes to berries and this one is certainly no exception. It’s from a post we did in 2012. Just back from a way too short vacation and now it’s catch up time, so once again we’ll dig into our archives. This one is borrowed from last June. In just a few short months it will be fruit and berry season (sooner for some of you), so in anticipation here are three photos of Pyracanthas with berries and one in full flower.   From the many to the few. It’s another Pyracantha. By Shohin … Continue reading Brilliant Bonsai Berries

The Maximum with the Minimum

Even though the crown is leaning back a bit, I’m going to call this side the front, given that it provides the best view of the trunk and the deadwood. The four photos of this tree are by Haruyosi, as are the tree and the pot. Still enjoying a short vacay, so we’ll show you another Haruyosi rerun (see yesterday). And while we’re at it, why not start at the beginning (March, 2014)? Our first of many Haruyosi posts. We don’t usually show four shots of the same bonsai, but I like this little tree a lot and the shots … Continue reading The Maximum with the Minimum