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This striking Sakhalin spruce (Picea Glehnii) forest belongs to Luis Vallejo. Seems like every forth post these days features Luis Vallejo’s trees. This is no accident; Luis consistently puts up great trees that are beautifully photographed. This makes my job easy. As is usually the case, the original photo (just below) came from Luis’ timeline. Huuuge Bonsai Book Special 20% TO 70% OFF LIST PRICES ON ALL BOOKS includes Japanese Garden Books Choose from over 50 Bonsai & Japanese Garden Books and enrich you skills and understanding this special ends Friday, Nov 24 at 11:59pm EST   Here’s the original photo, exactly the way we found … Continue reading Bonsai Forest, Bonsai Books, Bonsai Tools, Green T

Bonsai Baby

Couldn’t resist this monster tree with its perfect baby accent. Based on the caption with the photo below and other compelling evidence, I think it’s a safe guess that this photo was taken at Luis Vallejo’s Museo De Bonsais Alcobendas and the baby belongs to Mariusz Janusz Komsta (or perhaps more accurately, Mariusz belongs to the baby) We’ve featured Luis Vallejo’s bonsai numerous times here on Bark (very recently too) and the same goes for Mariusz Komsta’s bonsai. But never quite like this. BONSAI AESTHETICS TOOL SPECIAL 30% OFF LIST PRICES Aesthetics tools for the budget minded bonsai enthusiast special ends Nov 5th at noon … Continue reading Bonsai Baby

Great Bonsai Photos Make a Real Difference

Close up of Chinese quince that belongs to Luis Vallejo. Here’s the original caption… “Pseudocydonia sinensis (Thouin), Masahiko Kimura Nursery, Japan, in the Luis Vallejo bonsai collection since 2009” There’s a photo of the whole magnificent tree at the bottom of this post We featured a few Luis Vallejo bonsai yesterday and now it’s his bonsai again today. This time with some of the best quality bonsai photographs we’ve seen yet. A friend sent me a link to them last night from Pinterest (via Empire Bonsai). Continued below… SPECIAL ENDS WEDNESDAY GREEN T BASIC MODEL HYDRAULIC LIFT TURNTABLE details below… This little gem … Continue reading Great Bonsai Photos Make a Real Difference

Art Shots from a Famous Bonsai Museum

The bark on this tree speaks of age and combined with the low somewhat twisted shape of the trunks, creates a story of harsh conditions (most varieties of deciduous trees that grow in open easy conditions, tend to grow more upright). The photo was posted by Luis Vallejo. Based on the leaves, I’m guessing it’s a Chinese elm (but that’s just a guess… see below). All the photos shown here are from Luis Vallejo’s Museo De Bonsais Alcobendas. Some are what you might call art shots, with emphasis on features rather than the usual straight on full bodied front shots.  Luis doesn’t identify the trees, so I’m … Continue reading Art Shots from a Famous Bonsai Museum

Muscular Bonsai – Muscular Tools

Old European olives are often full of character as well as muscle, and this one is no exception. I believe the tree belongs to Luis Vallejo, though I couldn’t find evidence on his website. Taking some time to work outside today, so we’ll resurrect an old favorite from our archives. While we’re at, we’ll give a nod to our powerful Green T Turntables. There’s something compelling about bonsai with powerful trunks. Assuming that I’m not the only one so compelled, below are three more very sturdy bonsai and one very sturdy turntable for your enjoyment. Wire Special Ends Sunday at … Continue reading Muscular Bonsai – Muscular Tools

A Study in Deadwood

A great tree for a study in deadwood. It’s a Juniper procumben from Luis Vallejo’s website. I cropped the photo a bit, but you can see the full size original just below. Very busy right now with little time to put together a new post. Yesterday it was the remarkably talented Luis Vallejo’s bonsai, so today we’ll stay on the same track. This post originally appeared in June, 2015. I just spent the last digital hour or so wandering around Luis Vallejo’s Bonsai Studio (Estudio de Bonsai) and his Bonsai Museum (Museo del Bonsai). Given just how prolific Luis is, … Continue reading A Study in Deadwood

The Difference High Quality Professional Photos Can Make – Especially with Such High Quality Bonsai

This and the other trees in this post are from Luis Vallejo’s Bonsai Collection. The caption for these (and some others not shown here) is “Some of the Bonsai trees that will be displayed at the Bonsai San Show. Saulieu . October 2017 – Luis Vallejo Bonsai Collection – Photos By Miguel Krause” Luis Vallejo didn’t list the varieties when he posted these remarkable photos, and because I’m still licking my wounds from the fiasco of Sunday’s post, I’m going to dispense with any guessing today. But don’t worry (not that you were), I’ll recover soon enough and resume guessing … Continue reading The Difference High Quality Professional Photos Can Make – Especially with Such High Quality Bonsai

Impressive Nebari, Wild Deadwood, and a Colossal Wire Sale Ends Tonight

I cropped the original (below) to get a closeup of this rather impressive deadwood. Even though there is no variety listed, the fresh buds look a lot like a Yew in full spring glory. All the trees shown here were posted by Luis Vallejo. Because Luis is a highly accomplish and prolific bonsai artist, we can assume they are all his (unfortunately, and due primarily to laziness, facebook and other online sites are rife with unattributed bonsai). Conitnued below… Our great sale on 500 gram rolls of Bonsai Aesthetics Wire ends tonight 30% off 2+ rolls of 500 gram Bonsai … Continue reading Impressive Nebari, Wild Deadwood, and a Colossal Wire Sale Ends Tonight

Trophy Time and the Year of the Yew

Noelanders Trophy award; Best of Show. A Taxus cuspidata (Japanese yew) by Bonsai Museum Alcobendas. Can we assume that the artist is Luis Vallejo? It’s not really kosher to cut off part of pot, but who’s to complain? Bonsai Empire once again wins the award for fastest bonsai news scoop, and we’ll take what we can get. Gratefully. Up late last night* and now I’m trying to get out of town for a brief Montreal mid-winter epicurean extravaganza… so we’ll make this short. We have a Noelanders Trophy Best of Show Bonsai (actually there are two, but we’ll save the … Continue reading Trophy Time and the Year of the Yew

Snake Skin Bonsai

The contrast of black background and red leaves works to a tee. The tree is a Arakawa (Snake skin) Japanese maple that belows to Luis Vallejo. All three photos shown here are by Miguel Krause. Just a quickie today while I continue to try to catch up from vacation (no good vacation goes unpunished). I found the photos on Luis Vallejo’s facebook feed. This is not the first time we’ve shown Luis’ bonsai and I don’t think it will be the last. In addition to showing you the striking color contrast, I want to remind you that 4 excellent sales … Continue reading Snake Skin Bonsai