Tall Cliffs & a Rickety Little Bridge

Partial shot of a large penjing style planting that features water, tall cliffs and a rickety little bridge. The artist is Bjorn Bjorholm with some friends as able assistants Yesterday we featured a planting and a few other bonsai by Bjorn Bjorholm and friends. Today we’ve got another one from the same event (you can visit Bjorn on facebook for more) KILO BONSAI WIRE ONLY 14.95 PER ROLL this special ends this Thursday additional 5% off orders 150.00 or more Bjorn and friends posing with their masterpiece. Bjorn is the one with the blue T-shirt   A piece of the action… THE Book for Penjing … Continue reading Tall Cliffs & a Rickety Little Bridge

Maintenance Before & After Bonsai

This muscular little tree is a good example of a maintenance before and after. The artist (or artists) that wired and trimmed it perform their magic at Bonsái Pavía. You might remember them from just the other day. The tree looks a lot like a Taxus  Yesterday we posted a from scratch before and after. Today it’s a maintenance before and after that we found at Bonsái Pavía. This is when a bonsai that has become overgrown is brought back to presentable (this is a little oversimplified, but you get the drift). Every quality bonsai that has been around for a while, has experienced this type maintenance. In many cases dozens of times. Continued … Continue reading Maintenance Before & After Bonsai

Bonsai Bark’s Weekly Wire #5

  Loud and clear. This magnificent Fukien tea and it’s perfect pot speak for themselves, so I won’t say anything. Except that it’s from Taiwan Bonsai World (facebook), the botanical name is  Carmona microphylla and the artist is HUANG, Qing-Quan. Post your upcoming events here (in the comments below) and we’ll feature them in our next Weekly Wire. Most calendars on bonsai sites only run through this year, and don’t have much in the way of events this time of year anyway. It would be good if people would start putting up next year’s events (a few have begun, but … Continue reading Bonsai Bark’s Weekly Wire #5