Trim, Wire, Feed, Transplant, Enjoy

Trident maple forest from Bonsai Today issue 14. Back issues of Bonsai Today are 75% off. We don’t often use Bonsai Bark to advertise our products, but in this case, because so many of you have been waiting for our Bonsai Aesthetics wire, we’re making a somewhat rare exception. Our famous and enormously popular Bonsai Aesthetics wire is back, and, as always, the prices are unbeatable. 1 Kilo rolls are from 14.80 to 18.50 each depending on how many you buy, and 100 gram rolls are from 2.36 to 2.95 also depending on how many you buy. Roshi Bonsai Tool … Continue reading Trim, Wire, Feed, Transplant, Enjoy

A Steady Stream…

Premna serratifolia by Robert Steven. Aside from the immediate impact of the old wood with all the trunks popping up everywhere, there’s the counter-balance provided by the sturdy little trunk on the far left and the way the two tiny trunks at the base provide subtle accents. And then there’s that teetering trunk on that tiny tip that sticks out on the far right at the very end of the planting (six years of government-funded college down the drain on two mangled sentences). The beat goes on. If you take the time to go back through our 700-plus previous posts, … Continue reading A Steady Stream…

Order Before Noon December 20th

  Last minute shopping? Choose from hundreds of great bonsai tools, including these magnificent Masters’ grade Sword Shears (in its own Japanese gift box). List price on this extraordinary tool is 145.00. Now on special at Stone Lantern for only 119.00. There’s still time. All orders received by 12:00 noon (U. S. Eastern Standard Time) Thursday, December 20th, will be shipped that day. But don’t wait! Orders received after that time will be shipped on December 27th. And while we’re at it. Thank you for helping to make 2012 a great year at Stone Lantern. We appreciate your support. Happy … Continue reading Order Before Noon December 20th

Gifts for Bonsai Lovers part 2

Masters Sword Shears. This incomparable tool with its long powerful blades and fluid cutting capabilities is one of the reasons that Japanese professionals get so much work done. You can use yours for routine spring and summer trimming, especially if you have lots of larger bonsai and not so much time. You can also use them in the garden for any number of tasks. I use mine more than any other tool on my field grown bonsai. Made in Japan by Koyo quality tools. List price 145.00. Our special price 119.00. You save 26.00 (actually you save 31.95 when you … Continue reading Gifts for Bonsai Lovers part 2

Gifts for Bonsai Lovers

Fine Bonsai. The vividly photographed Japanese maple with its outrageous nebari, luminous leaves and tunnel that allows you to see into its midsection, is from the uniquely powerful and soulful new gallery book, Fine Bonsai, Art and Nature (cover photo below). This tree resides at the Shunka-en Bonsai Museum in Tokyo. No artist’s name is mentioned. Commercialism? No! (well maybe just a little) I hope that you’ve noticed that we keep a safe distance from too much shameless commercialism here on Bonsai Bark (our newsletter is another story). However, it’s that time of year, when lots of goods and money … Continue reading Gifts for Bonsai Lovers

NEW High Carbon Steel Bonsai Shears & FREE Fertilizer

3 NEW Stone Lantern high carbon steel bonsai shears. With this set, you’ll have almost all of your bonsai pruning tasks covered; from the very tip of the apex all the way down to the lowest roots. If you don’t need the set, you can buy them individually. They’ll cut your bonsai and your costs We are very high on our new bonsai tools. So high in fact, that we’ve decided to brand them with our Stone Lantern name. They look good, feel good, cut like butter and, perhaps best of all, the prices won’t bust your budget. Far from … Continue reading NEW High Carbon Steel Bonsai Shears & FREE Fertilizer

Introducing Our Excellent NEW Stone Lantern Bonsai Tools

These new Stone Lantern stainless bonsai tools are truly remarkable. The quality is excellent the the prices are much lower than you would expect for such high performance tools. We could easily call these Master Grade tools I’ve owned a set of these for a year now, and can say with absolute confidence that these are first rate tools. It would not be a stretch to call them ‘Master Grade’ tools, but we already have Master Grade stainless tools and I don’t want to confuse the issue. Just suffice it to say that these are simply the best high quality … Continue reading Introducing Our Excellent NEW Stone Lantern Bonsai Tools

Cliff Dwellers & NEW Bonsai Tools

Nature does it just right. This breathtaking photo is by Mario Komsta. No need to try to collect this beauty, it’s perfect right where it is. These attractive Bonsai Aesthetics tools are every bit as good as their Japanese counterparts and they are more affordable. For example, your price on this set of 3 is only 14.95. Each one is also offered individually. Bonsai Aesthetics is owned by Robert Steven. Robert, one of world’s foremost bonsai artists, personally stands behind every one of his tools. NEW tools at Stone Lantern We’ve been bringing new bonsai and garden tools from Japan … Continue reading Cliff Dwellers & NEW Bonsai Tools

Why Our New Bonsai Aesthetics Wire Is Such A Great Deal

It’s mostly about price… But it’s also about quality… Have you tried our NEW BONSAI AESTHETICS WIRE? We started selling it in June, and about a half ton later the verdict is in: it goes on easily and it holds very well. So well that’s it’s hard to tell the difference with wire that costs twice as much. Which brings us back to the price… 100 gram rolls are only 2.95 each with easy to achieve volume discounts of 10% to 30% 1 Kilo rolls are only 21.00 each also with easy to achieve volume discounts of 10% to 30% … Continue reading Why Our New Bonsai Aesthetics Wire Is Such A Great Deal

Trunks & Trunk Chopping Techniques

I borrowed this mesmerizing ancient black pine trunk from Andy Rutledge’s ‘the bonsai journal.’ Trunk chopping 101 for deciduous trees There’s an excellent article on trunk chopping at Andy Rutledge’s bonsai journal. Andy bills it as trunk chopping for beginners, but I suspect there are experienced bonsai people out there who might also benefit (like me, for example). I’ll just show you an illustration and a little text here, and encourage you to visit Andy’s site to see the whole article (and plenty of other useful stuff). Cutting back to an existing leader Here we have a likely candidate (above). … Continue reading Trunks & Trunk Chopping Techniques