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Why Our New Bonsai Aesthetics Wire Is Such A Great Deal

It’s mostly about price… But it’s also about quality… Have you tried our NEW BONSAI AESTHETICS WIRE? We started selling it in June, and about a half ton later the verdict is in: it goes on easily and it holds very well. So well that’s it’s hard to tell the difference with wire that costs […]

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Trunks & Trunk Chopping Techniques

I borrowed this mesmerizing ancient black pine trunk from Andy Rutledge’s ‘the bonsai journal.’ Trunk chopping 101 for deciduous trees There’s an excellent article on trunk chopping at Andy Rutledge’s bonsai journal. Andy bills it as trunk chopping for beginners, but I suspect there are experienced bonsai people out there who might also benefit (like […]

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Time for Spring Cleaning

A set of Koyo stainless bonsai tools in a brown suede tool roll (the suede rolls we offer now are black). Now that we’re sure it’s really spring Today I watched a Robin eating a worm on my back lawn. It was the first Robin of the year (for me at least), so now that […]

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Dragon Tail & Other Random Shots

Dragon Tail. Wood sculpting by Mother Nature and Father Time. Photo by John Palmer. John is the blissfully retired founder of Stone Lantern and Bonsai Today. Have you visited Stone Lantern lately? On March 13th of this year, we started seriously lowering prices on our website. We’ve pretty much lowered everything at this point: bonsai […]

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Pushing the Limits

This wild and gnarly yamadori (collected bonsai) exhibits some classical flaws. Two of the most obvious are the long straight taperless section of mid-trunk and the cluttered roots around the base. However, that’s the way this tree grew and those flaws tell part of the story of its struggles to survive and thrive in an […]

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The Facebook Dilemma & Japanese Tools

Nice tree. From facebook; Liang Lim’s photos. Beyond that, we know nothing. Except that we are swamped (it’s corporate tax time and etc….). The Facebook problem We receive several bonsai photos every day on facebook. Almost none mention the artist, unless the artist happens to be the same person who posts the photo (you’d be […]

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Wire Cutters: A Little Tip from Graham

Graham Potter of Kaizen Bonsai holds up his stainless wire cutters so you can get a good look. From one of Graham’s excellent bonsai instruction videos. No more twisting I always thought bonsai wire cutters were shaped the way the are (with stubby blades) so that the tip of the blade doesn’t damage the bark […]

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Jinning: A Tidy Two Tool Tecnique

The type is almost microscopic, so we’ll synopsize a bit (see below for a slightly magnified version): 2. Use a concave cutter to score around the base of the branch you are jinning. 3 and 4. Crush the bark with pliers. 5. Pull the bark off with your fingers. 6. Create a natural shape by […]

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Satsuki Art Blooms at the National Museum

The sky blue pot is the perfect compliment to the light pink flowers on this powerful Satsuki Azalea that resides at the National Bonsai and Penjing Museum in Washington DC. There are a multitude of cultivars in the Satsuki group of azaleas. This one is a ‘Nikko.’ It was donated to the museum by Masayuki […]

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World Class Bonsai Shear

Many people don’t know about Okatsune tools. Those that do, love them, though many of those people don’t know that Okatsune makes a bonsai shear. I’ve been using mine for over ten years and I’ve never had to sharpen them. To be sure I use other shears (it’s good to work with all the tools […]

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