NEW Roshi Bonsai Tools

NEW 6″ Butterfly Shears by Roshi Bonsai Tools. These powerful, compact high carbon steel shears are excellent for top pruning or root pruning. They are also excellent all-purpose household and garden shears with any number of uses well beyond bonsai. The list price is 28.00. Now on special for only 18.00. Eight brand NEW Roshi Bonsai Tools just arrived here at Stone Lantern. This brings our Roshi total to 33. All of our Roshi Tools are reduced way below list and some are now on special (aka double discounted). Take a look. You’ll like what you see. And just in … Continue reading NEW Roshi Bonsai Tools

Wire Cutters: A Little Tip from Graham

Graham Potter of Kaizen Bonsai holds up his stainless wire cutters so you can get a good look. From one of Graham’s excellent bonsai instruction videos. No more twisting I always thought bonsai wire cutters were shaped the way the are (with stubby blades) so that the tip of the blade doesn’t damage the bark when you remove wire. I still think this is true. However, Graham Potter says that it’s designed this way so the wire doesn’t twist when you cut it. This is news to me, but as I reflect on it, I think it makes sense. Anyone … Continue reading Wire Cutters: A Little Tip from Graham