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Gifts for Bonsai Lovers part 2

Masters Sword Shears. This incomparable tool with its long powerful blades and fluid cutting capabilities is one of the reasons that Japanese professionals get so much work done. You can use yours for routine spring and summer trimming, especially if you have lots of larger bonsai and not so much time. You can also use […]

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Abstract Bonsai Beauty & Concave Cutters

NOTE 3/24/11: I WAS JUST INFORMED THAT THIS IS A SIMULATION OF A MUCH ROUGHER TREE. MY MISTAKE!  EVERYTHING THAT FOLLOWS IS WHAT I WROTE BEFORE THE ERROR WAS CALLED TO MY ATTENTION). This is the kind of bonsai that can stir up opinions. I found it on facebook (of course), under My Bonsai by […]

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The Facebook Dilemma & Japanese Tools

Nice tree. From facebook; Liang Lim’s photos. Beyond that, we know nothing. Except that we are swamped (it’s corporate tax time and etc….). The Facebook problem We receive several bonsai photos every day on facebook. Almost none mention the artist, unless the artist happens to be the same person who posts the photo (you’d be […]

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