Muscular Bonsai – Muscular Tools

Old European olives are often full of character as well as muscle, and this one is no exception. I believe the tree belongs to Luis Vallejo, though I couldn’t find evidence on his website. Taking some time to work outside today, so we’ll resurrect an old favorite from our archives. While we’re at, we’ll give a nod to our powerful Green T Turntables. There’s something compelling about bonsai with powerful trunks. Assuming that I’m not the only one so compelled, below are three more very sturdy bonsai and one very sturdy turntable for your enjoyment. Wire Special Ends Sunday at … Continue reading Muscular Bonsai – Muscular Tools

The Facebook Dilemma & Japanese Tools

Nice tree. From facebook; Liang Lim’s photos. Beyond that, we know nothing. Except that we are swamped (it’s corporate tax time and etc….). The Facebook problem We receive several bonsai photos every day on facebook. Almost none mention the artist, unless the artist happens to be the same person who posts the photo (you’d be surprised how often this is NOT the case and how difficult it can be to determine whether or not it is the case). When we have time, we try to track down the owner/artist, but often, this is easier said than done. Beside, who but … Continue reading The Facebook Dilemma & Japanese Tools