Before, During and After

After. A very unusual tree with three trunks merging into one thicker trunk (you can just see a small piece of the third trunk). You could say the reviled RT word (reverse taper) but who cares? By Juan Andrade. From facebook. Just couldn’t pass this one up. This Japanese white pine transformation is so unusual and the result so striking and unique, that… well, you can see for yourself. The artist, Juan Andrade is one of a whole host of young apprentices who are studying or have studied in Japan. At least one other bonsai by Juan has appeared on … Continue reading Before, During and After

The Other Cascade: Part 2

After. Semi-cascade Japanese white pine by Kiyoshi Yamagami. From Bonsai Today issue 52 (sorry, out of stock… however we still have about 50 other back issues in print; all 70% off). Near perfect To my eyes, this tree presents a near perfect combination of grace and power. Usually, when you think power in bonsai, you think trunk. In this case, though the trunk is certainly powerful enough (what you can see of it), there’s something about the rest of the tree that can send power induced chills up your spine (okay, maybe not, but I’ll bet if you saw the … Continue reading The Other Cascade: Part 2

Near Perfect in Every Regard…

We get so used to looking at exception bonsai that sometimes we stop really looking. For me, this bunjin style Japanese while pine (seven tree clump) on a slab, is near perfect in every regard. If you just look for a while, free from ideas about what it is or should be, then it has the power to transport you to someplace natural and free. From the cover of Bonsai Today issue 25. I doubt if these shears have the same power to transport you as the bonsai above, but they will help you style your own trees. Now on … Continue reading Near Perfect in Every Regard…

Say Goodbye to an Old Classic (Well, Almost)

Almost gone. Our classic Pine book is down to less than 40 copies. We originally printed 5,200, so it’s been a pretty good run. One per person please While it lasts (and it won’t be long) we request that you limit yourself to one per person (or one per company). Thanks. No plans At this point, we have no plans to reprint, though in a year or two, we could change our minds.

National Bonsai Foundation 2010 Calendar

This massive white pine was donated to the National Bonsai & Penjing Museum by Daizo Iwasaki. Though I’ve never met him, I have long admired Mr. Iwasaki’s dedication to promoting the art of bonsai. Few people in our world bonsai community rival Mr. Iwasaki’s tireless energy, boundless generosity and devotion when it comes to bonsai. This tree is just one of many world class bonsai that he has donated to our National Bonsai and Penjin Museum. BTW: did you notice how the enormous base of the trunk nearly fills the whole pot? 2010: A good year for bonsai and related … Continue reading National Bonsai Foundation 2010 Calendar

Support the National Bonsai Foundation!

Just got this postcard in the mail from my friends and compatriots at the NBF. The tree is a formal upright Japanese White pine. Decent formal uprights are rare and this splendid samurai is far beyond just decent. So far in fact, that it takes me back to the stunningly powerful and surprisingly elegant monster trees (giant sequoias) that I had the good fortune to be bowled over by last fall. If you ever get a chance, visit Sequoias National Forest and make it point to spend some time with General Sherman. Meanwhile, speaking of chances…. Your chance to do … Continue reading Support the National Bonsai Foundation!

A Couple Bonsai & A Point of Distinction

This gnarly old Japanese white pine (P. parviflora) is from a Japanese gallery that originally appeared in Bonsai Today issue 85. It looks a bit like something you might find on Point Lobos (more about that below). Artist unknown (to us, at least). Somewhere on the Monterey Peninsula in search of sun and trees of distinction Today a friend and I are going to visit Point Lobos. Hyperbole aside, it’s one of the most mind bendingly wildly beautiful places on this planet. I’ll keep you posted. Meanwhile, here are couple trees plus a taste of what’s in store for the … Continue reading A Couple Bonsai & A Point of Distinction

The Magician Turns Three into Seven

This rafia wrapped Japanese white pine is the result of an unconventional (amazing might also apply) transformation by Masahiko Kimura. The original article appears in Bonsai Today issue 43. This photo also appears in our Pine book. Approx. height 37″ (94cm). Up to his old tricks The range and dept of Masahiko Kimura’s mastery knows almost no bounds; his highly imaginative and unconventional artistry have changed the way the world bonsai community views and practices bonsai (stay posted for more on the effects of Kimura’s work). The tree featured in this post is yet another example of Kimura’s genius. You … Continue reading The Magician Turns Three into Seven

$100 Unique Bonsai Contest: Four More To Go

This twisty little Japanese white pine was submitted by Randall de Rijk of the Bonsai Society of San Francisco. The pot is by Wendy Heller. I like both the pot and the tree, but perhaps one is a little big for the other. You can still win a $100 gift certificate Six entries so far means we’ll accept four more before we close the contest. Don’t be shy, a $100 gift certificate to Stone Lantern could change your life (well, maybe not, but you could upgrade your tools).

Masters’ Gallery: Group Displays #2

The small Zelkova in the forest plantings on each side create the feeling distant panoramas. The center tree in the curved pot is a Nanking cherry (Prunus tomentosa). The artist is Saburo Kato‘s brother, Hideo. There are also two barely visible companion plants (five elements in all). Masters’ Gallery This is the second post in our masters’ gallery series. It and the first post in this series are from an article by Saburo Kato that appears in Bonsai Today issue 43.