Arts of the Earth

Beech with vase. The tree is a Japanese beech ‘Fuji’ by Kazuhiro Ohashi. For more information, including the name of the artist who made the vase, you can visit the Weyerhaeuser’s Pacific Rim Arts of the Earth Exhibit Traditions and Transitions: Arts of the Earth Exhibit Digging way back to the early days of this century (2006), we turned up this unique exhibit from Weyerhaeuser’s Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection. Aside from saying that I very much enjoyed the photos and the concept, we’ll leave the rest to David De Groot, the curator of the collection. In Curator David De Groot’s … Continue reading Arts of the Earth

Old News on the Pacific Rim

  This stately Hinoki cypress (Chamaecyparis obtusa) is from Weyerhaeuser’s  Pacific Rim Bonsai collection. The photo is from a gallery of Pacific Rim bonsai from Kahlua Bonsai on facebook. I was going to use this photo to start a post on Formal upright bonsai when, in the course of a little research, I stumbled upon an important piece of old news about the Pacific Rim Collection. Better late…. Way back in April 2009 we featured a post titled Pacific Rim; a Glimpse of What You Can’t See. The Pacific Rim refers to Weyerhaeuser’s rather famous bonsai collection in Washington (near … Continue reading Old News on the Pacific Rim