Bonsai Elegance with Painted Trunks

Stately bonsai elegance. Here’s the original caption for this photo “The customer wanted the trunk brown and the quickest way was to paint it. This is my first time using paint on my sculptures and I’m very happy with the results.” The person who wrote that is Ken To, the creator of the bonsai wire-sculptures that you see here and in several previous Bark posts. You can find even more of Ken’s exquisite little delights on his website, on facebook and on deviantART. Ken To’s marvelous miniature wire bonsai sculptures just keep getting better. And now, because Ken has started … Continue reading Bonsai Elegance with Painted Trunks

Et Tu Ken To?

Precision. It’s very small and it’s made of wire, yet it’s clear that it’s a deciduous tree in fall color. I borrowed this photo from Ken To’s home page. It’s cropped for a closer view. The uncropped original with the photographer’s signature is below. As long as were on the subject of miniature sculptures and not forgetting our mission, it seems like a good time to revisit Ken To and his wondrous wee wire creations. Rather than going to the trouble of actually thinking and writing, here’s some text that I lifted from Katie Hosmer at My Modern Met. “To’s … Continue reading Et Tu Ken To?

Bunjin! For Love of Bonsai, A Little Counter Point, Yankee Bonsai Artists & What Is It About the Eel River?

Remember this? A little counter point to the searing heat many of us have been experiencing. Photo is from Rosemarie Voelker’s facebook photos. The caption reads: Vincente Rodriguez Lopez, Spain February 2012 snow.   FREE Green Dream bonsai fertilizer while our warehouse is closed for vacation. Our warehouse will be closed for six more days. Orders received this week will be shipped on a first-come, first-served basis starting next Monday the 20th. As a reward for your patience, all orders received by noon Sunday (U.S. Eastern Daylight Time) the 19th will receive one FREE 8oz bag of Green Dream bonsai … Continue reading Bunjin! For Love of Bonsai, A Little Counter Point, Yankee Bonsai Artists & What Is It About the Eel River?

Scratch Contast Last Day & An Unusual Bonsai Treat

Mini bonsai wire sculpture by Ken To. Last chance Today is the last day to send us your final photos for our $1,000 Bonsai from Scratch Contest. There’s really not that much more to say about it right now, except that as soon as we can sort through all the entrants and get the judges on board, we’ll announce the winners (some patience might be in order here). If you’re curious, here are some details. Ken To’s bonsai art I’ve been intrigued by Ken To’s wire bonsai sculptures for some time. Now, thank to a post by Ken on facebook, … Continue reading Scratch Contast Last Day & An Unusual Bonsai Treat