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Japanese white pine on a Yoshiaki Bonsai Turntable. If you think you’ve seen this tree before, it might be because we featured it a few weeks ago. Courtesy of Bill Valavanis. NEW BONSAI TURNTABLE SPECIAL* 30% to 40% off list on Yoshiaki Japanese Bonsai Turntables 3 Days Only – Now is your chance *special does not include Hydraulic Green T Turntables Heavy Duty Bonsai Turntable by Yoshiaki 13″ The very best non-hydraulic turntable list price 195.00 NOW ONLY 129.00 – and, at the other end of the spectrum… Mighty Mouse Bonsai Turntable by Yoshiaki 8″ small but strong – great … Continue reading 30% to 40% off Yoshiaki Japanese Bonsai Turntables

More Bonsai Berries & a New Year’s Resolution

Pyracanthas are prolific bearers of berries and this one is no exception. It’s from a post we did in 2012. I don’t know who the artist or owner is, but my guess is the tree is in Japan (more about this just below) Continuing our berry theme from yesterday… But first, my New Year’s Resolution. NO MORE UNATTRIBUTED TREES on this blog (uh… except for the one just above).* Bonsai Aesthetics Tool Special 30% to 50% off our list prices this applies to all our Aesthetics tools including kits & sets a small sampling of your large selection of Bonsai Aesthetics … Continue reading More Bonsai Berries & a New Year’s Resolution

Bonsai Berries and Other Winter Delights

Nothing like brilliant little berries to brighten things up in this white winter deep freeze we’ve been ‘enjoying’ lately (it’s 11am and my thermometer says -9F). The translation of Katsumi Komiya’s caption for this tree says simply… “Plum” I did quick online search and didn’t come up with a match for a plum with fruit this small, but if you really want to know, my guess is you might find it with a little perseverance. And it might help not to take plum too literally. Today’s bonsai all belong to Katsumi Komiya and there’s plenty more where these came from (you guessed it… facebook) OUR BRILLIANT SITE WIDE … Continue reading Bonsai Berries and Other Winter Delights

An Impressively Massive Japanese Maple Bonsai & an Equally Impressive Japanese Garden

This impressively massive Momiji (Japanese maple), perched on its Green T Turntable, belongs to Jean-Paul Polmans. Today’s post is mostly about Jean Paul Polmans‘ extraordinary blending of powerful bonsai and beautiful gardens, and just a bit about our powerful and beautiful Green T Professional Turntables. Continued below… Extended One Day OUR BRILLIANT SITE WIDE SALE has been extended until 11:59pm EST January 1st Almost Everything Discounted   Some Items as much as 70% off List Prices SALE ENDS AT 11:59pm EST, TOMORROW, JANUARY 1st   The entryway into Jean Paul Polmans’ Japanese style garden and bonsai collection. I borrowed this photo and the one below from Andys Shohin … Continue reading An Impressively Massive Japanese Maple Bonsai & an Equally Impressive Japanese Garden

Bonsai Flowers, Snow & Nasty Bugs

Japanese Flowering apricot (Prunus mume). This would be a remarkable tree even without the flowers. With the flowers… well, you can see for yourself. The tree resides at Bonsai Aichien in Japan. Speaking of snow & winter, we seem to be entertaining a nasty flu bug in these parts. I’ve been down for a couple days, so if you’re wondering why we’re a little slow answering emails, and why we’re resorting to recycled photos (February, 2014), now you know.  Both the photos here were posted on facebook by Juan Andrade who is (was?) an apprentice at Bonsai Aichien and a great … Continue reading Bonsai Flowers, Snow & Nasty Bugs

An Old Bonsai New Year

This brilliant penjing by Robert Steven appeared in one of our earliest posts (way back in 2009). It’s from Robert’s book Mission of Transformation (now out of print) In three days we’ll turn the digital page on another year of brilliant bonsai and occasionally intelligent comment. On behalf or my two hard working compatriots; Ric Walter (the heart and soul of our warehouse) & Barbara Patitucci (our all-accomplishing jack of all trades) and all the other good people who are part of the Stone Lantern family -Fedex drivers, postal workers, our vendors and countless others who keep our gears oiled –  I would like to wish you a Cheerful, … Continue reading An Old Bonsai New Year

Happy Bonsai New Year!

Just couldn’t resist posting yet another yew (there have been several lately). This time it’s an English yew (Taxus Baccata) by Stefano Frisoni. It’s almost 2018 and there are countless loose ends to tie up, so with time being precious, we’ll dig up part of a December 2012 post with some trees that I particularly like. Meanwhile, may you and yours enjoy a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year! And thank you for helping to make 2017 a happy bonsai year. Only 4 More Days for Our SITE WIDE SALE Almost Everything Discounted   Some Items as much as 70% off List Prices SALE ENDS AT 11:59pm EST, … Continue reading Happy Bonsai New Year!

Weeping Bonsai & Old Men Drinking

Weeping tree with sitting man and pond. This tree and some of the other trees shown here, when viewed in scale, look like weeping willows. I doubt that they are however, as willow leaves would be much too large for these plantings. You don’t see that many good weeping bonsai. I think there’s a good reason for this… they take a lot of work to develop and maintain in a way that keeps them in scale and natural looking. Unless you can find small weeping trees with leaves and branches that are already in scale. Because we know nothing of the source and the varieties (see … Continue reading Weeping Bonsai & Old Men Drinking

Holiday Bonsai Delights!

We originally posted this magnificent tree by Min Hsuan Lo exactly 7 years ago today (sorry, I don’t know the variety Now I do thanks to Clinton Scott… it’s a Chinese hackberry (Celtis sinensis)). Anyway, it’s worth another look and the time is right All of today’s photos are from Min Hsuan Lo’s Bonsai blog and they all appeared here exactly 7 years ago today. That’s a great thing about bonsai of this magnitude… they are already so old and so well developed that seven years might as well be yesterday Year End Roshi Tool SPECIAL 40% off List Prices on Roshi Bonsai … Continue reading Holiday Bonsai Delights!

Happy Bonsai Solstice!

I don’t know if this qualifies as a Christmas tree, but it does give you a pretty good idea of what northern Vermont looks like this time of year. I hope you and your loved ones are enjoying a relaxed Holiday Season and that you have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah (a day late), Sweet Solstice (today) and whatever you might celebrate.  And of course that you enjoy a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year WE’VE DECIDED TO BRING BACK OUR EXCELLENT site wide SALE Almost Everything Discounted   Some Items as much as 70% off List Prices Orders placed now will be shipped the week … Continue reading Happy Bonsai Solstice!