Great Bonsai Photos Make a Real Difference

Close up of Chinese quince that belongs to Luis Vallejo. Here’s the original caption… “Pseudocydonia sinensis (Thouin), Masahiko Kimura Nursery, Japan, in the Luis Vallejo bonsai collection since 2009” There’s a photo of the whole magnificent tree at the bottom of this post We featured a few Luis Vallejo bonsai yesterday and now it’s his bonsai again today. This time with some of the best quality bonsai photographs we’ve seen yet. A friend sent me a link to them last night from Pinterest (via Empire Bonsai). Continued below… SPECIAL ENDS WEDNESDAY GREEN T BASIC MODEL HYDRAULIC LIFT TURNTABLE details below… This little gem … Continue reading Great Bonsai Photos Make a Real Difference

Before & After White Pine at the Pacific Bonsai Museum

Here’s a before and after that involves bringing an overgrown tree back to it former splendor. The tree is a formal upright Japanese white pine that resides at the Pacific Bonsai Museum. The artist is Tyler Sherrod. I’m a big fan of the Pacific Bonsai Museum and of course, a good before and after bonsai. Especially with such a noble looking tree. While we’re at the museum, did you know that you can have the honor of becoming a member, and in so doing, supporting one of our genuine North American bonsai treasures? Here’s what Tyler Sherrod wrote about this tree … Continue reading Before & After White Pine at the Pacific Bonsai Museum

Brilliant, Full Fall Color Pomegranate Bonsai

You can find this brilliant, full fall color Pomegranate (Punica granatum)and a whole host of other powerful bonsai at Bonsai Mirai. It has been a while since we featured Ryan Neil’s Bonsai Mirai. If you don’t know Bonsai Mirai, you’re in for a treat. And if you’re ever in the Portland Oregon area, you can enjoy a real time visit to what just might be the most impressive yamadori (bonsai collected from the wild) collection in North America. Continued below… LOWEST WIRE PRICE YET 500 gram (1.1 lb) BONSAI WIRE ONLY 7.95 PER ROLL plus numerous other specials at Stone Lantern –   Just three photos … Continue reading Brilliant, Full Fall Color Pomegranate Bonsai

A Soft Spot for Unusual Bonsai

I have a soft spot for unusual bonsai, and this one is no exception (nor is its bow-shaped pot). It’s from Miguel Ros’ Museo Tatsugoro. The trees are Cryptomeria Japonica (commonly called Japanese cedar, though they’re not really cedars). Miguel’s caption is… “Excellent Monday” Last month we put together a post titled A Very Variegated Unusual Bonsai. Now we have another unusual bonsai (along with three others that may qualify) from the same source, Miguel Ros’ Museo Tatsugoro. Miguel and his museum are in Vera Cruz, Mexico, and speaking of soft spots, I’ve been to Mexico about a dozen times, but I’ve never been to Vera Cruz. Next … Continue reading A Soft Spot for Unusual Bonsai

Great Boxwood Bonsai

Aside from being a phenomenal tree and a great pot, there’s a relaxed in-synch feeling, like the pot and tree are old friends. This might have something to do with the color, texture, soft lines and aged look of each. The color and texture of the stand fits right in too, while contrast is provided by its sharp rectangular lines. All together a masterpiece. The artist is François Gau (pot by Greg Ceramics). All three photos in this post are from Parlons Bonsai (I took the liberty to crop all three to bring the trees closer). These late starts are … Continue reading Great Boxwood Bonsai

Literati Bonsai from the Zhongguo Feng Penjing Exhibition

To my eyes, this literati style pine one of the most distinctive trees that Bill Valavanis posted from the recent 4th Zhongguo Feng Penjing Exhibition.  We’ve got more photos by Bill Valavanis today. This time we’ve selected Literati style bonsai (Bunjin in Japanese) from the recent 4th Zhongguo Feng Penjing Exhibition. You can see some more bonsai from this exhibition in a post we did last week. Or better still, you can visit Bill’s Welcome to My Bonsai World blog . By the way, Bill has made no claim that any of the trees I chose to show here are or aren’t literati style. That’s completely on me Continued below… LOWEST PRICE YET 500 gram … Continue reading Literati Bonsai from the Zhongguo Feng Penjing Exhibition

Mystery Bonsai

Our source for this lovely beast doesn’t say a word about the artist or the tree itself, and Image Search proved itself useless again (“Best guess for this image: flowerpot”), so your guess is as good as mine. Getting another late start today* so we’ll make this one short and sweet. Just one magnificent mystery tree. Continued below… NEW Bonsai Fertilizer Special 30% OFF LIST PRICES  In addition to Green Dream & other Bonsai Fertilizers this special includes Superthrive, Pro-Tekt, Rooting Compound & Mycorrhizal Fungi   Here’s a closer look at the large sabamiki and the rest of the trunk with all the wild texture and movement … Continue reading Mystery Bonsai

Near the Top of the Bonsai & Penjing Pantheons

This remarkable planting by Kuanghua Hsiao belongs somewhere near the top of the Penjing pantheon. Getting a very late start today, so we’ll take the quick and easy way out and show you this post from January, 2016 (with a little value added today). I think it’s worth another look anyway. Just two remarkable photos today. It’s not that often you see two bonsai by the same person, each so completely different from the other and each among the best you’ll see anywhere. I found both photos here. Continued below… SPECIAL ENDS THURS NIGHT Kilo Bonsai Aesthetics Wire Special YOU WON’T … Continue reading Near the Top of the Bonsai & Penjing Pantheons

Bill’s Bonsai Photos at the Zhongguo Feng Penjing Exhibition

It’s hard to tell how large this tree is, but I’d guess that it’s fairly substantial. No matter how large or small, it’s a powerful twin trunk juniper with excellent taper, fluid lines and deadwood that’s just right (substantial, but not overdone). I borrowed this and the other photos shown here from some shots Bill Valavanis took at the 4th Zhongguo Feng Penjing Exhibition Even before Bill Valavanis was inducted into the U.S. Bonsai Hall of Fame (see our post from one week ago), we always tried to keep track of what he was up to. In this case he was taking photos at the recent 4th … Continue reading Bill’s Bonsai Photos at the Zhongguo Feng Penjing Exhibition

Bonsai-San as We Speak…

This unusual full cascade Juniper will no doubt put off some of our anti-deadwood folks, but to my eyes, it’s a a highly expressive, dynamic tree. Cascade shots are normally taken from a point that shows the tree cascading down one side of the pot, but in this case the pot is hidden by the tree, which creates a whole different effect. All the photos shown here were taken by Andres Bicocca at this weekend’s European Bonsai San Show in Saulieu France. Andres’ only text with the photos reads… Viaje a Francia “Saulieu 2017.”  Non of the trees or artists are … Continue reading Bonsai-San as We Speak…