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Mister Windswept Bonsai

Robert Steven’s simulation of the tree pictured below. If you search windswept bonsai, you’ll most likely notice that almost all of the best windswept trees belong to Robert Steven. You could even say that Robert Steven is Mr. Windswept Bonsai. Both as an artist and as an authority on the subject. But then, you could […]

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Red Hot but Very Cool Summer Bonsai Book Sale

Set of five bonsai classics. Retail 144.75. Previously 79.00. Now only 59.00 for the set. Discounted discount prices We’ve been lowering book prices for a while now. Now we’re taking a big leap and lowering some of them way below our previous low prices. A drop in the bucket We’re only showing some of your […]

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Growing Better Roots & Trunks

In addition a one of the most perfectly developed crowns you’ll ever see, with its amazing profusion of tiny leaves; this Trident maple (I must’ve been drunk, any fool can see that this is a Zelkova) provides one of the best examples of trunk and surface root (nebari) development you’ll see anywhere. Neither are overstated; […]

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Million Dollar (Plus!) Bonsai in Perspective

I just received this photo from Bill Valavanis. It’s that Million Dollar Japanese white pine we featured a few days ago. Now you can get a little perspective (size-wise at least). Bill’s remarks Here are Bill Valavanis‘ remarks that he sent along with the photo. Hi Wayne, I’ve just returned home from Japan and saw […]

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Million Dollar Bonsai

This magnificent White pine was sold at the 11th Asia-Pacific Bonsai and Suiseki Convention & Exhibition in at Takamatsu, Kagawa, Japan, earlier this month. As you can see, the asking price was 100,000,000 yen (that’s close to 1.3 million dollars). I don’t know what the actual sales price was. Photo borrowed from Bonsai Tonight. $1,000,000 […]

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Two Very Good Reasons

Shopping at Stone Lantern is a good way to keep Bonsai Bark coming & a very good way to save money! Koyo Heavy Duty Bonsai Shears (list 29.00) are now deeply discounted at 17.95 Over 100 Bonsai Tools deeply discounted at Stone Lantern   Shohin Bonsai (list 24.95) is now deeply discounted at 9.95 Over 50 Bonsai […]

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Visual Balance – Robert Steven Critique

Robert Steven’s simulation of a Pemphis acidula that was submitted for critique by Hamman Harris. The original is below. Bow and arrow Once you get beyond the fact that the bark and shape and even the foliage (at a glance) on this Pemphis look so much like the common Juniper pro-nana (that made-yesterday little bonsai […]

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Mixed Maple Forest

This playful mixed Japanese bonsai forest is by Juan José Bueno Gil. Rare indeed You don’t see too many mixed bonsai forests, and my guess is that you’ve never seen one with this many varieties (above). They may all be the same species for sure (Acer palmatum), but they aren’t all the same. How many […]

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Of Scrolls & Tokonomas

This tokonoma with its spectacular scroll, is from Daiza Iwasaki’s house in Japan. A more cropped version of this photo appears in Morten Albek’s book, Majesty in Miniature, Shohin Bonsai. The original completely uncropped photo is below. Bonsai display I don’t think too many people pay very close attention to bonsai display. I’m sure there […]

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